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LOKI-DAoC: Lesser Oracle Knowing Items

After long arduous hours of studying the Eddas and many perilous journeys through the lands of Guinevere Midgard, at long last Heimdl Bluetooth mighty hand of Thor and Snidges Balmnbridges humble servant of Ymir thought they had found the fabled disembodied head of Mimir, the Norse God of Wisdom. After further research they have discovered that this disembodied head is unable to offer advice on anything other than item lore. During their consultations they discovered that the head's name was the Lesser Oracle Knowing Items. It is now apparent that what was found was a replica of Mimir's head, which Loki the Norse God of Mischief and Strife intended to use to sew the seeds of conflict. The Lesser Oracle, in fulfillment of its purpose, is available to offer you consultations on your battle readiness.

LOKI is a spellcrafting aid that designs equipment templates for Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Based on your statistic (STR, CON, DEX, etc), resistance (Body, Cold, Thrust, etc), and skill (Shield, Mending, etc) requirements and the jewelry/drop pieces in your build, LOKI designs the magical properties of all crafted pieces.

With a combined total of over 20 years experience in problem optimization Heimdl and Snidges thought it was time to build an effective spellcrafting template optimizer that met or exceeded the best player made templates. Once all of your requirements and drop pieces have been entered it takes LOKI a few minutes to build a high quality template. With longer consultations LOKI can typically improve the solution by a small amount, for example 2-3% resistance, to obtain the best possible solution.

LOKI Versions

The following table shows the breakdown of the various versions of LOKI:




Hand-tuned Spellcrafting (including Catacombs)



Bug Fixes



Load/save XML item descriptions and templates



Spellcrafting Consultations



Item Delve CHAT.LOG parsing  


Built-in SQL database support1  


Faster Consultation Engine  


Item Selection  








1- The LOKI tool supports an SQL database with searchable fields including bonus types, class, realm, slot and so forth. It is possible to import items into LOKI from current XML databases such as Ethinarg's database into the Platinum Edition. We recommend supplying Ethinarg with your Item Delve CHAT.LOGs so that his database will be updated to include all of the latest items. This cooperation will allow users of all programs to gain access to item databases that contain more items.

Disclaimer: This software does not interact directly with the Dark Age of Camelot client or server application. It is a standalone product that simplifies the process of designing a spellcrafting template for the game. This product does not attempt to reverse engineer packets entering the users computer nor does it allow any exploits within the Dark Age of Camelot run-time environment.

Downloading LOKI-DAoC

LOKI-DAoC can be downloaded here.

After downloading the ZIP file, unzip it and place it in a known directory. Install the latest version by double-clicking on the file LokiSetup.msi in this directory. This will cause the Windows installer built into Windows XP to install LOKI. Windows 9x/NT/2000 users who have downloaded a previous version of LOKI may also be able to successfully install using the ZIP installation.

Registering LOKI-DAoC

LOKI-DAoC can be registered using PayPal or Digibuy here.

Dark Age of Camelot is the property of Mythic Entertainment Inc.