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Email Support:

heimdl at syntheticrealms dot com

Due to the extreme volume of junk mail we are getting it is time to attempt to curb this trend. To this end we would like all users to ensure that they place LOKI in the subject line of their emails. We will be setting up a filter on our email client to junk all emails without LOKI in the subject. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes and hope we do not miss your emails.

We attempt to reply to all emails within 48 hours, however depending on the volume of emails and our schedules it may take longer. Sorry for any inconvenience. If a few days pass without answer try to email again. We receive on the order of 400+ junk emails per day and it is possible the email was filtered inadvertently.

Snail Mail Support:

Synthetic Realms
PO Box 61298 RPO Brentwood
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2L 2K6