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Platinum Edition

Download LOKI 2.5.2 Platinum Installer (WinXP/Vista) with Autopatcher

Alternate LOKI 2.5.2 Platinum ZIP Installer (WinXP/Vista) with Autopatcher

For users that are having problems installing using the web install link (or users who would like a ZIP install for a computer not connected to the Internet) the above link should allow you to install without difficulty. Download and unpack the ZIP file and double-click the file contained therein. This version does not ensure that your Windows libraries are up to date with the latest libraries. If you are unable to run LOKI once it is installed you will need to verify you have the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 on your system. You can find the installer for this on Microsoft's website by searching on Google.


Handling Database Creation Errors

Some users are reporting issues with installing and running LOKI (especially with Win7). If you have issues with LOKI creating the database there several solutions that users have found success with:

  1. Install to a different directory outside of Program Files (i.e. C:\Users\Public\LOKI2). LOKI attempts to create a database file in the installation directory Windows directory protection on newer versions of Windows interferes with that in the Program Files directory.
  2. Uninstall LOKI and then delete the installation directory. Reinstall LOKI.
  3. Run LOKI as administrator or in Compatability mode. Some users have reported success with these method. Personally I prefer the first two solutions if you can get them to work for you as they do not provide LOKI with extra privelages.


Old Versions:

The following versions are no longer supported, however I am making them available for users interested in continuing to use them.

Download LOKI 2.0 Web Installation (Win2000/XP) March 11, 2006 (Localised)

Click Open and allow the installer to download the necessary LOKI files and then install them onto your computer. Alternatively you can click Save and once the installer Setup.Exe file has been saved double-click it to begin download and installation of the necessary LOKI files.

LOKI 1.4 ZIP Installation (WinXP)