Textures by SynTex

History of SynTex

Over the past two years several dubious attempts at texture synthesis were made including the "brainizer" and the "chameleon". The brainizer was based on topographic maps, random placement of geometric shapes and complex color maps. This attempt was semi-successful but all generated images were reminiscent of MRI brain scans and therefore this approach was abandoned in favor of more promising methods. The chameleon used a target image and a simple neural network to clone images similar to the target image. This approach generated some interesting blobby images after several hours of run-time. The chameleon was abandoned after a 50 hour run resulting in a depressingly poor forgery of the target image. Despite these failures work continued and Perlin's work was discovered through some diligent research. Interestingly the brainizer was a feeble attempt at generating multi-dimensional noise functions such as Perlin's Noise() function.

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